‘Take VAT’ direct action pressure group emerges in UK to highlight LVCR exploitation.

According to a Guardian news article Take VAT, which describes itself as a “UK Uncut-esque” action group, was formed last month to raise awareness of companies that avoid paying VAT through the exploitation of LVCR. Take VAT are planning action against HMV Tescos and other companies using the Channel Islands to avoid VAT.

RAVAS understands the anger of UK tax payers at the loss of tax revenue that has resulted from the industrial abuse of LVCR and whilst we feel that companies like HMV and Tesco have joined in this tax avoidance with seemingly little  resistance (leaving a privately funded organisation like RAVAS to fight to end this injustice at the EU) we also think that picking on HMV and Tesco may be slightly misguided. It is HMRC and The Treasury that is  mainly to blame for this situation for allowing what we believe is an abuse of EU law to continue.

In our view if any companies deserve the wrath of Take VAT it is those companies who are fully exploiting this relief from an offshore location such as thehut.com (who handle the offshore fulfilment for a number of major high street names) and Play.com and not companies like Tesco and HMV who have been forced offshore in order to stay competitive.