Sainsburys Entertainment Set Up In Guernsey!

Despite assurances from the UK Government that they are taking measures to curb LVCR exploitation the exploitation of LVCR continues to grow with the arrival of Sainsburys Online a site operated by MBL Entertainment who describe themselves as a cell company of MBL Guernsey PCC Limited  registered in Guernsey and operating from a trading address on the Island.  Meanwhile have just launched the UK website for  US retail giant Best Buy also in Guernsey. Looks like the UK is due to lose even more VAT shortly…

More information on the Guardian Website Here


  1. So what’s going on there then? These companies ain’t no small fry! Especially Best Buy. They’ve gotta be taking expensive legal advice. So who’s providing that, and with what evidence that the goal posts ain’t gonna move. My guess is someone, for completely unknown reasons as yet, is giving them the nod.

  2. I’m not so sure. I Just think its a lemming mentality. They are all doing it….so we may as well join in.

  3. Tax avoidance is so obvious that it looks like someone in London is taking money to keep that going…

  4. I agree, if you are big enough the revenue earned could make this worthwhile even if the loophole is closed. Although this loophole is absolutely outrageous and I avoid buying anything from Channel Island based retailers but if you were the CEO of a big company and had shareholders to answer to it is a quick and easy way to get more sales in.

    On one hand the more companies who do this the more publicity it brings to the loophole and (maybe) the better chance of something being done about it.

  5. Three recent threads about the way Sainsburys Entertainment is doing business:

    Like one correspondent says: The words “sainsburys-entertainment” , “wouldn’t” , “Touch” , “barge” and “pole” will shortly be appearing together, in the same sentence.

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