Who says Record Stores are Dead?

With Record Store Day on the 16th of April having been a huge success across the UK and with the number of independent record stores increasing for the first time in many years, it looks like the end of the VAT Loophole could not have come at a better time for music retail and mail order in general.

Here’s The View with the official Record Store Day 2011 Anthem ‘I Need That Record’


  1. I trust everyone bought the Deep Purple retro single wot I designed for EMI! Mercifully our local indie store hid one behind the counter for me so I didn’t have to queue…

    1. I’ve still got a couple left Simon. Excellent design work.
      Bearing in mind our Record Store Day last year saw takings rise 700% compared to the previous Saturday and was therefore highly successful, this year saw a rise of 62% on last year and 1600% rise on the previous Saturday. We were so busy, we had our own customers apologising they had to go somewhere else because the queue was so long. We had 9 live bands too! Amazing, plus we’ve experienced a 30% rise on takings this week.
      There’s now a shortage of record players. If anyone has a source let me know!! What’s the new Purple album like?

  2. I picked up a great double LP Vanguard compilation produced for Record Store Day that sold out in seconds. Record Store Day is a brilliant idea and all those pundits and techno nerds who think that music collecting is dead have no idea what they are talking about. When’s the last time anyone sold a second hand download on ebay at 10 times the price they paid for it ? You can keep your valueless digital formats.

  3. Thank God for RAVAS. They may have actually saved the Record Store. The only reason I shop online is because I can’t find a record store for miles, not because I want to. I never thought I’d say it but Gordon Brown destroyed UK music retail and George Osborne may well have saved it! Strange times….

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