LVCR Post Budget – RAVAS makes Radio Appearances whilst UK meets with EU

Following on from the announcement of George Osborne in the 2011 Budget that the UK government had an intention to tackle VAT Avoidance through LVCR, RAVAS Spokesman Richard Allen was invited to comment via a number of BBC Radio Programs. In the meantime UK officials are meeting with EU officials to discuss the future of LVCR and whilst those involved in the offshore fulfilment industry are confident that little change will be made to the relief RAVAS has had assurances that this trade will end completely once the UK and EU have agreed the way forward.

On 1st April 2011 RAVAS appeared on the BBC Radio Program You and Yours:

On 24th March 2011 RAVAS appeared on BBC Radio Guernsey:


  1. Hope you enjoy it…..because you won’t be getting LVCR from Switzerland into the UK either. You obviously have no idea how this legislation works.

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