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This website is run by a Campaign Group Retailers Against VAT Avoidance Schemes (RAVAS)

1) This website is not run by either HMRC or The European Commission and requests for information on this site are not made on behalf of either organisation unless specifically stated.

2) Any posts that are made on this website are moderated. This website is run by a campaign group dedicated to the ending of the abuse of LVCR and is primarily to give a voice to those affected by LVCR abuse . We will not allow posts on the site that support the abuse of LVCR. You are welcome to start your own pro LVCR abuse website. May we  suggest the domain

2) Please note that information that is submitted to this site via email or as a posting is being sent to a campaign group for the use of that campaign group in their dealings with HMRC and the European Commission

3) Any information sent to this site either via email or as a posting may be shown to EU and UK Government officials as part of our ongoing collation of evidence relating to the Abuse of LVCR. By sending us the information , unless you tell us otherwise, you are agreeing that the information may be shared .

4) It is understood that any information you send to us may not be verified and may not be 100% accurate unless you can provide us with evidence that it is completely accurate. We will make the accuracy of the information and any supporting comments you may wish to make, clear to whoever we show it to.

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