Offshore Retailers Attempt to Confuse ‘Internet vs High Street’ Arguments in Order To Justify LVCR Exploitation

We have noted a pro LVCR abuse website is suggesting that is attacking on-line retail on behalf of shops,  and that ‘shops vs the internet’ is our real beef. That is of course utter nonsense. A number of our members run on-line retail operations and are complaining about LVCR abuse because it enables other on-line retailers to avoid VAT and compete in the same market place with an overwhelming advantage.   The offending website quotes a 1994 internet conference where the four  speakers –  Ray Hammond (a futurologist) Doctor Neil Barrett (an IT expert)  Nick Lockett (a barrister) and Mr Steven Jobs from Apple –  predicted the demise of the bookshop, the writing and pen shop, toyshop, music shop and the newspaper and magazine market by 2015. The conclusions of this conference are being used by the pro-LVCR site to justify the abuse of LVCR and tax abuse in general. We would totally accept that the internet is a large part of the future of  retail and that traditional retail has had to adapt to a new role based more on convenience and impulse retailing, but we can assure the people behind the Pro LVCR website that UK retailers fully appreciate and understand the value of the internet! That is why the large majority of our members sell on-line. It’s also why this website exists,  to stop a bunch of tax avoiding opportunists cornering the UK on-line retail market through tax abuse!


  1. As you say, what nonsense. However, never a truer reflection of the intelligence deficit symptomatic of anyone supporting the continuation of this embarrassingly gigantic case of fraudulent tax evasion.

  2. I second that. How can these jokers seriously defend such an obvious scam. Wot no advantage !

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