Lord Lucas featured on BBC Channel Island News

On the 1st March Lord Lucas spoke to BBC Channel Islands News on the issue of LVCR. In the interview he stated ‘Though the relief was introduced with good intentions it has become used as a smuggling enterprise. It is something akin to baccy for the parson and brandy for the squire and we can’t afford to let it go; it is costing us too much, it is destroying too many British jobs and enterprises.’

The channel then went on to highlight that tackling the issue had gained cross party support in the House of Lords and included comments made by The Lib Dem Peer Lord Newby and Lord Davis who is the Shadow Treasury Minister. It also included a comment made by Lord Sassoon, the Commercial Secretary to the Treasury who stated that ‘if there are things that should be done they will be announced in the forthcoming budget.’

The broadcast ended by talking about the effect on the economies of the Channel Islands. While RAVAS has sympathy for any short term hardship that may be imposed on the islands following a tightening of LVCR rules, it doesn’t believe that the decimation of one economy to support another can be tolerated.

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