Horticultural Industry has been Abusing LVCR for longer than Internet Music Retail.

RAVAS has been contacted by Derek Jarman, director of Hayloft Plants Ltd, a nursery that sells new and unusual plants in the vale of Evesham. Mr Jarman has revealed how the Horticultural industry has been exploiting LVCR to a huge degree since LVCR was first introduced in 1983.  Mr Jarman paid £400,000 in VAT over the course of last year and in an interview for an article in The Telegraph Online he revealed that companies 20 times his size are operating out of the Channel Islands  paying no VAT on goods under the value of £18.

He went on to say:

“As a businessman I congratulate these companies on being entrepreneurial. As a person who is conscious about the environment, I am seriously concerned about the amount of fossil fuel which is being used to take garden plants from mainland UK to the Channel Islands to be packed and then sent back immediately to mainland UK consumers…… The annual loss of VAT would fund many nurses, teachers and civil servants – the very hardworking people who are currently losing their jobs as the Government is short of money.”

The Telegraph article highlights how during peak season from March to June, it is not uncommon for 40ft articulated lorries carrying up to 42 trolleys of plants to board the twice daily ferries to Jersey and Guernsey. The goods are then unloaded in packing sheds, repackaged and sent back to UK consumers or kept in greenhouses until ready for sale.

Thompson & Morgan turned over £40 million last year from their premises in Guernsey whilst John Fothergill of Mr Fothergills, one of the handful of large horticultural companies with packing sheds operating out of neighbouring Jersey, admitted to The Telegraph that the company was based there purely for tax reasons.

“To be blunt we are here for the VAT benefit and we would have to rethink things if this changes.”


  1. Deja vu to hear these arguments all over again. Little by little we are opening the door to Britain’s own den of thieves. I really begin to wonder how legal these company’s actions have been. After all ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law. An admission such as John Fothergill’s may infact not stand up in court, especially if it can be proved that his behaviour could be shown to be evasive and knowingly detrimental to his competition. Maybe we should target these individuals and their advisors? Especially if their advisors prove to be part of an international conspiracy.

  2. It does seem amazing that such a huge tax avoidance operation can be ‘overlooked’or even legal. Something very fishy going on here….very fishy..

  3. utter rubbish! I have never heard anything so absurd! This really has to stop, everything on this site it hearsay from disgruntled businesses that dont like LVCR. That is fine, make your case and keep on crying, you can see that it is going to change but stop posting utter rubbish and worthless lies on this site.

    “The Telegraph article highlights how during peak season from March to June, it is not uncommon for 40ft articulated lorries carrying up to 42 trolleys of plants to board the twice daily ferries to Jersey and Guernsey”

    find some proof for this comment please! I understand that maybe seeds are sold from the Island but containers of plants to be unloaded in warehouses, packed up and sent back out! utter rubbish!

    dont forget that we so actually like plants in Jersey ourselves also for our own gardens, maybe someone on here should come to Jersey to see just how many nice plants we have growing (which were probably imported in from the UK)!!

    1. I suppose the Telegraph are telling lies then ? The ability for you lot to deny facts is incredible. You should put it to some good use.

        1. John aren’t you complaining on the wrong website ? All this posting is doing is repeating what the Telegraph article says! You need to complain to the Telegraph mate.

  4. John, the article is true. We have been shown evidence that large amounts of horticultural products are just packed in the CI and mailed back to UK VAT free for major companies selling horticultural goods by mail order. We don’t put anything on this site that has not been verified.

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