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Channel Island VAT Loophole Finally Closes

RAVAS, welcomes the Coalition Government’s action to remove the European import relief that underpins the VAT avoidance arrangement known as ‘The VAT Loophole’. The Channel Islands mail order industry has been enjoying an unfair advantage for many years, an advantage reliant upon the avoidance of VAT that has been facilitated by the exploitation of an […]

The Message is in the Detail. Osborne Declares the use of LVCR for VAT Free Mail Order an ‘Abuse’.

Whilst RAVAS is disappointed in the weak reduction of the LVCR threshold to £15 in November, the clear intention to tackle VAT avoidance through LVCR is welcome and in particular the clarification that LVCR is being  “exploited for a purpose it was not intended for” – terminology that is used to describe a tax abuse. […]

Guernsey Post Claims it is Saving The UK From Collecting VAT

An announcement from the Guernsey Post in the Guernsey Press claimed to reveal that the company is saving the UK from collecting VAT up to the tune of £5.6 million a year. This is VAT that has been collected under what is known as  the VAT Pre Paid Scheme where traders in the Channel Islands […]

Isn’t it About Time HMV did a U-Turn and Support RAVAS in Ending the Avoidance of VAT that is Contributing to the Demise of their Retail Chain ?

With over 200 plus stores, a dwindling share value and finance tight,  HMV are not in good shape. But then that’s hardly surprising when everybody knows that their stores are much more expensive than even their own online store No amount of spin that the ‘shopping experience’ is  worth paying for is going to […]

RAVAS on ITV’s Channel News

On 4th January Richard Allen from RAVAS was featured on ITV’s Channel Television’s News Program.  The very same day that our government raised the rate of VAT to 20% while leaving LVCR at its current level, thus further penalising those that choose to run a company on the UK Mainland.

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