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Major LVCR Retailers Sell Up as UK Government Prepares to Deal Final Blow to LVCR Abuse.

A recent article in the Mail On Sunday confirmed that the drop in LVCR to £15 is far from the final measures that the UK Government intends to introduce to combat the abuse of LVCR.  The sudden sale of for a relatively small amount of money, the sale of the failure of to float […]

Guernsey Post Claims it is Saving The UK From Collecting VAT

An announcement from the Guernsey Post in the Guernsey Press claimed to reveal that the company is saving the UK from collecting VAT up to the tune of £5.6 million a year. This is VAT that has been collected under what is known as  the VAT Pre Paid Scheme where traders in the Channel Islands […]

‘Take VAT’ direct action pressure group emerges in UK to highlight LVCR exploitation.

According to a Guardian news article Take VAT, which describes itself as a “UK Uncut-esque” action group, was formed last month to raise awareness of companies that avoid paying VAT through the exploitation of LVCR. Take VAT are planning action against HMV Tescos and other companies using the Channel Islands to avoid VAT. RAVAS understands […]