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It’s over! The final word from RAVAS Spokesman Richard Allen.

At the bottom of this posting is the song I listened to when I had to close my mail order company The Freak Emporium, in December 2007, after 16 successful and enjoyable years in business. By 2007 it was simply no longer possible to compete from the UK mainland as a result of a major […]

RAVAS Pre-Budget Statement Regarding the UK’s Application of Low Value Consignment Relief

RAVAS is calling upon the government to act definitively to end the competitive distortion and loss of VAT caused by the exploitation of Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) via the Channel Islands. RAVAS will not be satisfied by any tokenistic half-measures and believes that the government will have fulfilled its obligations only when it is […]

RAVAS Lays Bare The Channel Islands Government’s Attempts to Mislead Over the Effects of The Channel Islands VAT loophole

A group of retailers campaigning against an industrial-scale VAT avoidance scheme that has destroyed or damaged their businesses and cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds has today hit back at the Channel Islands Government’s attempt to mislead the UK authorities and its residents over its true scale and consequences. Retailers Against VAT Avoidance […]

Channel Island Retailers bend the rules on postage to gain a further VAT free advantage

As any UK mail order company will know VAT must be charged on both the postage and the value of the goods if an item is sent from the UK to a UK (EU) customer. However correspondence we have seen between a member of RAVAS and HMRC has confirmed that whilst only the value of the goods is taken […]