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UK and CI Ebay and Amazon retailers cue up to exploit LVCR

UK and Channel Island Retailers on Ebay and Amazon are now using Channel Island fulfilment operations to avoid VAT increasing the already huge LVCR VAT losses for the UK. One Guernsey based car part retailer is selling 40,000 items a month which at £10 an average order equates to £70,000 a month in avoided VAT (at 17.5%). […]

Sainsburys Entertainment Set Up In Guernsey!

Despite assurances from the UK Government that they are taking measures to curb LVCR exploitation the exploitation of LVCR continues to grow with the arrival of Sainsburys Online a site operated by MBL Entertainment who describe themselves as a cell company of MBL Guernsey PCC Limited  registered in Guernsey and operating from a trading address […]