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Channel Island’s VAT Dodgers in Denial whilst UK and EU Prepare Measures to end LVCR Trade.

Despite George Osborne’s budget announcement that using LVCR to gain a VAT advantage in the UK is an abuse of European Tax legislation many Channel Island based LVCR abusing retailers and the infrastructure that supports them appear to be carrying on as if nothing has happened, apparantly assuming that the reduction in LVCR to £15 is the […]

EU Commission Makes It’s Position Clear on LVCR Abuse

The European Commission, the body that polices EU law,  has made its position clear on the abuse of LVCR in the Channel Islands in a letter to RAVAS. Referring to a recent meeting with UK Officials the Commission states that the UK Authorities “are aware of the problems that LVCR is creating and are firmly committed to […]

Get in Contact

If you have been affected by VAT free mail order either as the owner or as the employee of a UK mainland retailer then we want to hear from you! Please do not send us any information that you would not wish to be seen by any officials we may be dealing with. Please see […]