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Horticultural Industry has been Abusing LVCR for longer than Internet Music Retail.

RAVAS has been contacted by Derek Jarman, director of Hayloft Plants Ltd, a nursery that sells new and unusual plants in the vale of Evesham. Mr Jarman has revealed how the Horticultural industry has been exploiting LVCR to a huge degree since LVCR was first introduced in 1983.  Mr Jarman paid £400,000 in VAT over the course […]

Who says Record Stores are Dead?

With Record Store Day on the 16th of April having been a huge success across the UK and with the number of independent record stores increasing for the first time in many years, it looks like the end of the VAT Loophole could not have come at a better time for music retail and mail […]

EU Commission Makes It’s Position Clear on LVCR Abuse

The European Commission, the body that polices EU law,  has made its position clear on the abuse of LVCR in the Channel Islands in a letter to RAVAS. Referring to a recent meeting with UK Officials the Commission states that the UK Authorities “are aware of the problems that LVCR is creating and are firmly committed to […]

Why was LVCR ever Required for the Channel Islands ? A history of the ‘VAT Loophole’.

LVCR is supposed to reduce collection costs of VAT on low value imports into the UK/EU. That is its only purpose in law. Those who support LVCR abuse often refuse to acknowledge the term ‘VAT loophole’ claiming that it isn’t a loophole. However as we will explain, the loophole is the interaction of The Channel […]

George Osborne Indicates his Intent to end LVCR Trade

An article in the Telegraph on the 8th of April 2011 reported on a meeting of the British Chambers of Commerce on the 7th of April at which Chancellor of The Exchequer George Osborne was present. Mr Osborne was asked by the Jersey Chamber as to whether he felt that the relief really was a […]

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