Monthly Archives: February 2011

MOJO Magazine Tackles VAT Loophole

Esteemed UK music publication MOJO Magazine has highlighted the VAT loophole in it’s April edition.  Spokesperson for RAVAS Richard Allen is quoted in the article which highlights the dilemma facing music buyers who want cheap music but at the same time mourn the loss of independent retailers that are so important to serious music consumers and […]

LVCR and RAVAS featured on BBC News 24

On 13th February 2011 BBC News 24 covered the increasing pressure being put on the UK Government to end the so called offshore fulfilment industry and the exploitation of LVCR that is affecting thousands of mainland UK businesses.

‘Take VAT’ direct action pressure group emerges in UK to highlight LVCR exploitation.

According to a Guardian news article Take VAT, which describes itself as a “UK Uncut-esque” action group, was formed last month to raise awareness of companies that avoid paying VAT through the exploitation of LVCR. Take VAT are planning action against HMV Tescos and other companies using the Channel Islands to avoid VAT. RAVAS understands […]

LVCR Featured on BBC News Online and Radio 4’s ‘The World At One’

RAVAS and the abuse of LVCR by the Channel Islands  Fulfilment Industry was featured both online and on Radio 4 on the 4th February 2011 (you can find both reports by scrolling down).  Devon businessman Chris Holgate spoke to the BBC News Online about the damaging effect that LVCR exploitation is having on his business […]