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LVCR and RAVAS featured on BBC Channel Islands News

On 25th January 2011 BBC Channel Islands TV in Jersey covered the increasing pressure being put on the UK Government to end the so called offshore fulfilment industry and the exploitation of LVCR that is affecting thousands of mainland UK businesses. The programme mistakenly suggested that items sold from Jersey are VAT free because Jersey […]

Isn’t it About Time HMV did a U-Turn and Support RAVAS in Ending the Avoidance of VAT that is Contributing to the Demise of their Retail Chain ?

With over 200 plus stores, a dwindling share value and finance tight,  HMV are not in good shape. But then that’s hardly surprising when everybody knows that their stores are much more expensive than even their own online store No amount of spin that the ‘shopping experience’ is  worth paying for is going to […]

RAVAS on ITV’s Channel News

On 4th January Richard Allen from RAVAS was featured on ITV’s Channel Television’s News Program.  The very same day that our government raised the rate of VAT to 20% while leaving LVCR at its current level, thus further penalising those that choose to run a company on the UK Mainland.

Out of Control Channel Islands VAT Avoidance Scheme Undermines Credibility of Osborne’s VAT Increase

RAVAS PRESS RELEASE 4 . 01 .2010 The Treasury has lost control of an obscure VAT avoidance scheme of which George Osborne was personally aware before taking office. Treasury and HMRC Officials have for 15 years continually underplayed the effect on the UK economy of the abuse of an obscure EU VAT relief on genuine […]

Happy New Year to UK Small Businesses from HMRC and The Treasury !

If you run a business on the UK mainland selling anything that can be sold mail order up to a value of £18 and have to account for VAT  then from the 4th of January 2011,  when VAT goes up from 17.5% to 20%,   you will  have to suffer a 2.5% increase in VAT […]