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HMV close flagship Oxford Street store and continue to undercut their own shops online.

HMV who set up in Guernsey in 2005 and since then have consistently undercut their own stores by charging low VAT free prices on,  have announced that they are closing one of their flagship London Stores on Oxford Street,  a landmark in UK music retail. Frankly as the only Channel Island VAT free […]

Channel Island Retailers bend the rules on postage to gain a further VAT free advantage

As any UK mail order company will know VAT must be charged on both the postage and the value of the goods if an item is sent from the UK to a UK (EU) customer. However correspondence we have seen between a member of RAVAS and HMRC has confirmed that whilst only the value of the goods is taken […]

UK and CI Ebay and Amazon retailers cue up to exploit LVCR

UK and Channel Island Retailers on Ebay and Amazon are now using Channel Island fulfilment operations to avoid VAT increasing the already huge LVCR VAT losses for the UK. One Guernsey based car part retailer is selling 40,000 items a month which at £10 an average order equates to £70,000 a month in avoided VAT (at 17.5%). […]

Hub Europe and Hermes set up home delivery service to help Jersey retailers exploit LVCR.

Fulfilment company HubEurope – recently awarded a licence by the Jersey competition Regulatory Authority for the provision of postal services to the island and the fulfilment sector – has joined up with with parcel delivery Hermes to create what they describe as “the first alternative home delivery service for Jersey-based fulfilment houses and retailers looking to […]

HMRC Confirms that Channel Island Retailers are VAT registered in the UK to sell goods over £18

RAVAS have also been shown a letter from HMRC that confirms that Channel Island Retailers are shipping goods from the UK that are over £18 in value and operating UK VAT  registered companies to handle these transactions.  Surely if a company that is trading in the UK is shipping goods via Jersey back into the UK […]

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