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UK Government Plays Dumb Over VAT Increase and its Effect on LVCR Exploitation

With VAT due to go to 20% in a few weeks time and offshore retail about to benefit at further expense to UK mainland retail, Adrian Sanders the Liberal Democrat MP for Torbay asked David Gauke the Exchequer Secretary  the obvious question on the 13th of December  Mr Sanders: (1) what estimate he has made […]

Pro Channel Islands LVCR Abuse Website Agrees with RAVAS. Circular Shipping is an Abuse.

A  pro-Channel Islands LVCR  website with the backing of four QCs (apparently) has stated that ‘HMRC are  considering whether traders in the UK who ship goods from the UK to the Channel Islands (or other offshore centres) and then back to the UK should be treated as an artificial abusive arrangement’ If indeed that is true then […]

Forum of Private Business Supports RAVAS Efforts to End Exploitation of LVCR

RAVAS has received a letter of support from Phil McCabe of The Forum of Private Business, an organisation who represent many small to medium sized businesses in the UK. In 2005 the Forum of Private Business gave evidence on LVCR  to the All-Party Parliamentary Small Shops Group, which subsequently warned that, based on the then […]

Government Plans to Address Tax Avoidance Ignore LVCR Exploitation.

Government tax avoidance plans appear to have missed a Channel Islands VAT loophole which costs the treasury hundreds of millions of pounds per year at least and is devastating the UK’s Independent traders, the Forum of Private Business is warning. Many large retailers have set up shop in Guernsey and Jersey and benefit from Low […]

Offshore Retailers Attempt to Confuse ‘Internet vs High Street’ Arguments in Order To Justify LVCR Exploitation

We have noted a pro LVCR abuse website is suggesting that is attacking on-line retail on behalf of shops,  and that ‘shops vs the internet’ is our real beef. That is of course utter nonsense. A number of our members run on-line retail operations and are complaining about LVCR abuse because it enables other […]

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